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Robot-assisted surgery

My name is Annanya and I am 14 years old. My main interest is writing.

Technology is advancing rapidly, and with that we also have new medical innovations that will change the healthcare


Robotic Surgery / Robot assisted Surgery is a great example of

that. Robotic surgery uses advanced technology to simplify surgeries with fewer risks and incisions and easier healing.

It works using the “ da Vinci" surgical system with its own arms, camera, magnifying glass and a holding instrument. A surgeon can preform this surgery through a computer while the robot will carry it out.

Robotic surgery has a list of benefits including:

- Less risk of infection

- Greater range of motion

- Faster recovery

Though there are a few disadvantages, one of which being the cost. Robotic surgery appears to be beneficial and we will definitely see more of it in the medical industry.

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