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STEM Medley

A Medley of science, technology, engineering, and maths.


STEM Medley is a non-profit organisation that aims to encourage today's youth into STEM and bridge the gender gap in the industry. Our mission is to provide young people with accessible STEM career advice. Please visit the Instagram account for more content like this @stem.medley 

Finalist of the Your Game Plan competition 

We are proud to announce that STEM Medley has been named a finalist in the Your Game Plan competition 2022. This is a great honor for us and an acknowledgement of our hard work. We are committed to continuing our mission of promoting STEM education and empowering students to pursue careers in STEM fields.

 Our non-profit organisation is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusivity in STEM fields. We are proud to be nominated for the Women Tech Global Awards 2023 and we kindly ask for your support by casting your vote through the link provided below.

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